Warning to the public

On the occasion of the discriminatory post on the social network addressed to MP Marinika Tepić, in which she is invited to declare her nationality, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Janković reminds that the Constitution of the RS stipulates that Serbia is the state of the Serbian people and all citizens who live in it, and equality to all citizens is guaranteed. Expression of nationality is free, and no one is obliged to declare their nationality, and the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination and the Law on the Protection of the Rights and Freedoms of National Minorities specifically prohibit the denial of any rights to national minorities and their members.

It is inadmissible and deserves the strongest condemnation to publicly express views that discriminate against any citizen of Serbia or deny their rights due to national affiliation, ethnic origin, birth, ancestors, religious or political beliefs, language, citizenship or any other real or assumed personal properties, said the Commissioner, stating that such announcements, in addition to the person to whom they are addressed, can upset many citizens.

Such and similar posts harm the reputation of the state, Janković points out, and reminds that in the ruling party, as well as in almost all parties in the National Assembly, there are members of national minorities who participate equally in creating and making decisions, which shows Serbia’s commitment to the application of the principle of equality.

She says that regardless of whether it is a discriminatory or some other offensive and inappropriate statement that can be heard in public space among people with different opinions, such statements should be condemned. Right now, we additionally need mutual understanding and tolerance, concludes Commissioner Janković.

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