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Violence against children is a serious social problem, and it is everyone's responsibility to create a safe and secure environment ...

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Commissioner on women's entrepreneurship at the meeting Overview of the Current Situation and Opportunities for Empowerment

It is important to hear the experiences of women entrepreneurs because they are role models for girls who will one ...

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Commissioner at the opening of the Second Regional Judicial Forum Gender Equality and the Western Balkans

The number of women killed and reports of gender-based violence in the entire region is worrying. I believe that the ...

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Reaction to the cartoon in the NIN weekly

The cartoon published in the new issue of NIN in which a comparison is made with Adolf Hitler is inappropriate ...

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Strengthening the capacity of employees at the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality

To strengthen the capacity and personal development of employees at the Institution of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality ...

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Warnings and Notices

Bulletin Board

Word By The Commissioner

Respected citizens,

When we established the institution of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, we proclaimed a vision that was our aim, which was legally defined in Article 4 of the Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination, provisioning that:
“All people are equal and enjoy equal position and legal protection, regardless of personal characteristics”.
In real life, it means that: “Serbia is an open and tolerant society of equal people that offers equal opportunities to everyone”. more details >>


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