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Press Release

Persons living with HIV/AIDS often hide this information from others in their surroundings, fearing condemnation and rejection, which shows that ...

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The Commissioner at the meeting on the prevention of sexual exploitation in Serbia

Persons involved in prostitution should not be viewed with prejudice or through the prism of fanciful moral superiority but should ...

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Brankica Janković at the conference to celebrate three decades of JAZAS

JAZAS is a pioneer in activities in many areas regarding raising awareness about respect and protecting the social rights of ...

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International Day of Violence Against Women - It concerns us all

In today's world, when violence takes different forms and when it is increasingly present in the digital sphere where it ...

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Commissioner at the AFA leadership summit TogetHER for a better tomorrow

At a time when digital technologies are taking precedence in all areas, we must ensure adequate protection of human rights, ...

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Warnings and Notices

Bulletin Board

Word By The Commissioner

Respected citizens,

When we established the institution of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, we proclaimed a vision that was our aim, which was legally defined in Article 4 of the Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination, provisioning that:
“All people are equal and enjoy equal position and legal protection, regardless of personal characteristics”.
In real life, it means that: “Serbia is an open and tolerant society of equal people that offers equal opportunities to everyone”. more details >>


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