Strengthening the capacity of employees at the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality

To strengthen the capacity and personal development of employees at the Institution of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality for responding to potential discrimination cases and preparing for the effective implementation of the EU Regulation on artificial intelligence, training was held on the technical aspects of artificial intelligence functioning. Also, bearing in mind the importance of training employees, the training included an introduction to information security and data protection systems on the Internet.

As part of the training, the LeTSGEPs project was presented to the employees, within which the current state of gender equality at the Mathematics Institute of SANU was presented.

The two-day training in Sremski Karlovci was carried out as part of the project “Improving the position of women and girls in rural areas”, which is implemented in cooperation with UN Women and the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade, and it was also an opportunity to learn about examples of good practice, as well as the rich culture of this Vojvodina municipalities.

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