The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Jankovic, participated in the public discussion “Gender Equality in Serbia” organized by the Women’s Council Network of the City of Čačak, and extended her support to this network and encouraged greater participation of women in politics.


The Commissioner presented the analysis of gender equality in local self-government units and emphasized the need for active engagement of women in politics, which are much less represented at the local level than at the central level, which is why networking and mutual support are crucial.


More women in political life translates into a rise in quality decisions as such decisions include both viewpoints.


Jankovic also spoke about the role the media play in suppressing and spreading gender stereotypes. Women in public life play a significant role because they shape public opinion with their representation, public speaking and opinions. Each of us when speaking in public can make a difference in dispelling prejudices regarding the role of women in tne society, said the Commissioner.


The women’s council network of the City of Čačak was constituted at the beginning of January and will be engaged, among other things, in solving the problem of violence against women, children and economic empowerment of women. This discussion panel was the first promotional event to advance values stipulated in their founding documents, together with the central institution for the protection of equality and the suppression of discrimination.


Prior to the panel, the Commissioner saw the 38th exhibition of works of art by Amateurs of Moravički District.

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