The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Jankovic, condemns the attack on a Roma young man in Zajecar who posted his photograph on Twitter showing him to be badly bruised. She said that she expected authorities to take all necessary measures, locate, apprehend and adequately punish perpetrators in order to prevent violence, provoke hatred and intolerance towards Roma minority, but also towards any other social group.


Jankovic points out that physical violence is the most severe form of human rights violations and the consequences of discrimination against certain groups and emphasizes that Serbia is a society in which rights of all of its citizens are respected, regardless of their national affiliation, ethnic origin or any other personal characteristic, and that such isolated  incidents must not occur.


The Commissioner reiterated that any citizen who believes that they have suffered discrimination on any ground can file a complaint with the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality

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