Commissioner at financial education conference

Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic spoke at the opening of international meeting dedicated to financial education of youth and other sensitive social groups, held in the Association of Serbian Banks.

Education is the key for better life and the knowledge how to gain and manage money can make significant difference, not only for individuals, but for the whole society, said Commissioner. She stressed that financial literacy is the most important for empowering the persons belonging to sensitive social groups, who are often dependent from others or have no property, which puts them in great risk of discrimination and abuse, such are young, women, persons with disabilities, older persons and the poor. Common work aimed to spreading the financial education and use of new technologies may be foundation for significant improvement of their position, Jankovic concluded.

Meeting was held within the convention of Project Group for Financial Literacy of European Banking Federation, with presence of the highest representatives of this organization, as well as European Banking Association and Association of Serbian Banks.

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