Commissioner with learners of the High Security and Defense Studies

Participants of the 8th class of the High Security and Defense Studies visited Commissioner for Protection of Equality, where the Commissioner Brankica Jankovic gave a lecture on the importance of equality and non-discrimination, as well as the responsibilities and role of the institution of Commissioner in the state regulation of the Republic of Serbia. Jankovic spoke about various aspects of implementing the equality principle in the society and in the security sector, while special references were made during the lecture to discrimination on grounds of age, disability, nationality and gender. In addition to presented examples from the practice, it was concluded that we all have to make efforts to reduce prejudice and stereotypes towards all minority and marginalized social groups, in order to create the conditions for Serbia to be a modern, tolerant and democratic society.

Participants of the visit were learners from state administration bodies and services of the Government of the Republic of Serbia – Nikola Selakovic, Secretary General of the President of the Republic of Serbia, Zoran Pavlovic, Provincial Ombudsman, Marko Parezanovic, Chief of Security for BIA and Darko Glavas, Secretary of the Secretariat of the Defense Ministry of the City of Belgrade, the Ministry of Defense and the Army of Serbia – Brigadier General Zeljko Bilic and Colonels Novica Petrovic and Sreten Zafirovic, Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Brigadier Milorad Krajsumović, Chief of Staff of the Tactical Support Brigade and the permanent composition of the National Defense College – Colonel Mico Suvajac , Colonel Dr. Goran Zupac, Colonel Dr. Milan Milovanovic and Representative Dejan Gajic.

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