On the occasion of 16 November, International Day for Tolerance, Commissioner for Protection of Equality with support of OSCE Mission in Serbia, will honor with Annual Media Award the best media articles and reports with topic of combating discrimination and promoting of equality and tolerance,  for the sixth time. The goal of the competition is media promotion of the values such as equality, tolerance, suppression of prejudices and stereotypes against minority, marginalized and vulnerable groups, as well as to rise the visibility of the institution of Commissioner.


The competition is open to journalist of all print and electronic, local and national media registered in Serbia, who published articles/reports about the mentioned topics during the period between 1 January and 1 September, 2021. Journalists from the same media house may participate in this contest separately, but each may submit just one article/report. Furthermore, journalist who were awarded in previous two years are not eligible to apply for 2021 competition. Criteria for assessment of competitors are: recognizing of discrimination phenomena, contribution to reduction of stereotypes and prejudices, affirmative reporting, promotion of equality and using of gender sensitive language.


Media articles and reports should be sent in the period from 15 June to 15 September, 2021 to email: Applications should contain media article/report and short biography of the author, with contact data. Application format: for radio and TV – link to the report published; for printed and online media – link to article published or article in pdf. Format.


Awards (first, second and third) will be announced in three categories:


– radio/TV story (up to 3 minutes), or reportage (max. 30 minutes)

– article published in print (daily or periodical newspaper/magazine)

– online media/portals


Members of the expert jury will be the previous first prize winners in all three categories, representatives of Commissioner for Protection of Equality and OSCE Mission in Serbia Media Department.


The best media reports and names of authors will be announced at the Annual Conference of Commissioner for Protection of Equality which will be held on the occasion of 16 November, International Day for Tolerance and will be published on the web sites and Facebook pages of Commissioner for Protection of Equality and OSCE Mission in Serbia.


We believe that your media house will recognize the importance of this competition and that you will encourage your colleagues to apply for the award.

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