Warning regarding newspapers’ articles

Brankica Janković, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality condemns insulting and belittling articles against LGBT persons that have been published recently in certain printed media outlets, as well as unacceptable sensationalistic reporting on violence against women. The Commissioner stresses that when reporting on violence against any social group, the rights and dignity of victims of crimes and their family members must be protected at all times.

Commissioner Janković reiterated that the World Health Organization struck  homosexuality off the list of diseases way back in 1990. She said that newspaper articles attributing the transmission of HIV virus to homosexuals is demeaning to and violates the dignity of the LGBT population. At the same time, such perceptions are hurting persons living with the HIV whose life is additionally being made difficult by sensationalistic reporting and misinformation on the transmission of this virus.

The Commissioner calls on journalists, editors and owners of media outlets to adhere to the Serbia Journalists Code of Ethics which clearly indicates that journalism is incompatible with spreading stereotypes and discrimination of any kind.

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