Warning for offensive comments sent to journalists

The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, strongly condemns the misogynist, sexist and utterly abusive comments sent by journalist Vojislav Šešelj to the journalist of Danas newspaper.

It is legally forbidden that discriminatory attitudes, insulting and depreciating on the basis of appearance, health status or any other personal characteristic, be the dominant way of expressing different political attitudes in our public sphere, especially when it comes to deputies or any other bearers public functions, warns Janković.

At the same time, the commissioner condemns the insults in the texts and on the photos published on the website valjevskapodvala.com, which are sent to journalists and editors of the portal kolubarska.rs, and expects the authorities to urgently determine who stands behind these contents.

Janković points out that these cases are a drastic indicator that such unacceptable communication becomes a common practice that is tolerated and implied, especially in dealing with women on the public scene, but that men are not spared, what  we should be concerned about. Such phenomena must come at the broadest conviction of the public, and the authorities must respond effectively and sanction any similar outcome, as it is a way to get on the road almost daily verbal violence, concludes the commissioner.

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