Support to associations to preserve tradition and old crafts

Every effort to preserve old crafts and traditions is a feat and therefore the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality provides full support to those who fight for it, said Branka Janković at the meeting of the Ethno Network of Equality Commissioner for the Protection of Equality. Bearing in mind the competencies and activities that the Commissioner has already implemented in order to promote equality, the meeting discussed the measures of support for local craft associations engaged in the creation of authentic handicrafts of Serbia.

Commissioner Janković provided full support to the efforts of the Ethno Network, especially bearing in mind the engagement of senior women, which should be encouraged to continue with their work, but to educate younger generations in the preservation of folk tradition and old crafts. She said that the Commissioner’s Office will conduct an analysis of the regulations of the support programs in order to promote equality, especially in the part related to the more intensive involvement of women in public works projects, as well as the permanent economic security of persons promoted as custodians of tradition.

President of the Board of Directors of Ethno Network and Executive Director of NALED Violeta Jovanović emphasized the importance of support to the associates who are engaged in the preservation of tradition, stating that they can send their best messages about their products to Serbia. Ethno Network is a national trade union that gathers over 25 associations for the whole of Serbia, and it is committed to a program of measures that contributes to the preservation of traditional heritage, while providing a source of income for rural women who are engaged in the production of handicrafts.


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