The Commissioner met with the US Ambassador

The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, met with the US Ambassador in Belgrade, Christopher Hill. Commissioner Janković informed the ambassador about the most important activities of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality. They talked about the situation in the field of human rights in Serbia, especially about protection against discrimination and promotion of equality, which are the values shared by our societies.

Ambassador Hill stated that Serbia has made great progress in many fields, including the protection of human rights where some areas are regulated in accordance with the highest democratic standards, especially when we talk about gender equality.

The commissioner pointed out that in the time of great challenges, growing extremism on all sides, the issue of protecting the equality of all citizens becomes even more important, and that it is clearer than ever that there are no freedoms and rights won once and for all. They must be defended daily, because there are always and everywhere those who are ready to violate them. Janković pointed out that the modern digital age with new ways of violating human rights has faced institutions with numerous challenges, for which we are prepared for, but in facing it international cooperation and support is very important to us.

The ambassador and the commissioner agreed that the preservation and constant improvement of human rights and freedoms is essential for the development of any democratic society and that together we still have a lot to do. Ambassador Hill supported the further work of the Commissioner and highlighted the key contribution and role of independent institutions in the protection and understanding of human rights.

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