Strengthening intergenerational relations

In recent years, the world is changing rapidly, and we are witnessing demographic, climate, economic, and digital transformations, while one of the most visible changes is demographic aging, which is why the Center for Support and Inclusion Help net, with the support of the International Višegrad Fund organized debates within the project “Strengthening intergenerational ties” on the premises of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality.

During the debates, representatives of different generations discussed several topics: Artificial intelligence, Education/Schooling, Employment and work environment; and Media and the impact of the media on intergenerational solidarity, with the aim of making recommendations for improving policies in each of these areas. This project is important because it encourages the participation of both the elderly and the young in areas that concern them and enables the rapprochement of generations through dialogue, as an important method in a democratic society.

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