Warning regarding the peer violence

After the 13 year old boy from the school “Rade Koncar” in Zemun and his mother bravely decided to publicly expose the problem of peer violence against this child that lasted for months, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic appeals to all relevant authorities and services to investigate all circumstances and take the necessary measures, especially after dramatic warning of the child that he wants to kill himself because of his suffering.

The particularly worrying fact is that, according to information from media, the boy suffers violence because of his property status, because he has no expensive sneakers, no father and because of his physical appearance and mental abilities, which are all grounds of discrimination from the Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination, stresses Commissioner.

Such cases are a seriously alarm to take all systematic prevention measures, because we as responsible society, must not allow any child to feel  endangered, and especially not to think of the most drastic moves, such as the deprivation of one’s own life, stated Brankica Jankovic.

She emphasizes that Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, as a central institution for suppression of discrimination and improvement of equality, is ready to offer any kind of assistance and support within its jurisdiction. It is necessary that we all give our best to prevent numerous social problems that occur as the consequences of peer violence.

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