Warning regarding the insulting of Prime Minster Ana Brnabic

Condemning the insults that Zeljko Veselinovic sent to Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic stated that the work of the Government and politicians may be criticized in an appropriate and decent manner, without offensive, humiliating, degrading and sexist insults. By respecting other people’s differences, we show how much we respect ourselves and what we are fighting and advocating for.

Commissioner reminds that women at the Serbian political scene are particularly exposed to discriminatory, misogynic, chauvinist attitudes and that not only political, but every other public speech, must not contain such intolerable messages.

Commissioner emphasizes once again that all actors in the public and political zone in Serbia have to respect the Constitution and laws and be careful not to cross legally prescribed boundaries.

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