Public notice – Mayor of Smederevska Palanka discriminated a blind girl

The Commissioner for Protection of Equality has issued an opinion that the municipality of Smederevska Palanka, led by the mayor of Smederevska Palanka, Radoslav Milojičić Kena, discriminated a pupil with disability N.P. by impeding her to exercise her rights to education. Namely, the municipality of Smederevska Palanka failed to provide to the pupil N.P. who is blind, the transportation from her home to the primary school she attended, although the legal obligation of the local self government is to provide transportation for the pupils with developmental disorders and disabilities. In this respect, the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination has been violated, because by failing to provide the right to free transportation to school for N.P., the pupil with disability, the municipality of Smederevska Palanka thus prevented this girl from exercising her rights to education and her full inclusion in the education system. The Mayor of Smederevska Palanka, Radoslav Milojičić Kena, was recommended way back in April, to take all necessary measures and actions in his competence by which he would ensure means of transport for this pupil as far as her school, as well as to take care in the future when performing duties from his line of work not to violate the regulations on prohibition of discrimination. Thereafter, he was sent a warning to act within the newly prescribed timelimit pursuant to the recommendation of the Commissioner for Protection of Equality, an independent and specialized governmental body with a mission to suppress all types and forms of discrimination and achieve equality in social relations. Since even after the issuance of reprimand, the said recommendation was not implemented, the Commissioner hereby notifies the public accordingly, pursuant to the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination.

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