It is inadmissible for anyone to take justice into their own hands, and it is especially worrying when children and young people resort to violence, said Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica, Janković regarding the information that a group of Bosniak high school students in Prijepolje physically attacked another student, against whom proceedings are already underway before the High Court in Užice because of a song in which he calls for the demolition of mosques.

The Commissioner emphasized that implementing law and justice should be the job of competent state authorities, not citizens.

We must not allow individual incidents on national and religious grounds to escalate into hatred and open physical violence, especially in multinational environments, notes Janković.

It is important that the police, as in the first case, reacted immediately and announced the filing of a criminal complaint against the minors for inciting religious and national hatred and intolerance and causing serious physical injuries.

Spreading hatred based on religion, national affiliation, and other personal characteristics is prohibited by law, Janković states and points out that such incidents are dangerous and harmful, especially in multiethnic environments, such as Prijepolje, which is why it is necessary to condemn every incident that encourages inequality, hatred and intolerance based on national, racial, or religious affiliation or any other personal characteristic.

We must constantly educate young people about the importance of respecting diversity, the values ​​of equality and tolerance, strengthening social cohesion, and fostering common coexistence in our region, said Janković.

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