Exhibition “We are all equal and we can do it together!”

The exhibition of children’s art works “We are all equal and we can do it together!” was formally opened at Children’s Cultural Centre Belgrade, on 16th March 2015. At the opening ceremony, winners of the CPE and UNICEF competition were declared.

In the second half of 2014 a drawing contest was announced for students of primary schools in the Republic of Serbia. The goal of the contest “We are all equal and we can do it together!” was to raise the level of tolerance and diversity acceptance as well as level of awareness and sensitivity for discrimination recognition in children. Several hundreds of works were entered into the contest, and the best were chosen by the jury made up of the group of young counsellors of the Commissioner for Protection of Equality „Discrimination Busters”.

This is a way for children to send a message through their art works that we are all equal and that we can live together regardless of personal characteristics, such as nationality, religious belief, skin colour, disability, health condition, sexual orientation, gender, financial conditions, age, appearance and other.

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