Day: January 25, 2019

No. 765-18

OPINION The opinion was issued in the proceedings regarding the complaint filed by A. A. against B. B, entrepreneur of Cafe restaurant “…”, and V. V, due to discrimination based on sexual orientation. In the complaint, among other things, it was stated that V. V. insulted A. A. because of her sexual orientation by calling…

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The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković met with the representatives of the Fund for Social and Democratic Initiative, MPs and council members. A brochure was presented which was developed in the course of “Go forward” project implemented in cooperation with the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality.   This brochure is a…

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Warning for the public

Day-to-day inappropriate verbal attacks in public and political life, including social networks where attacks and misuse reach its most extreme form, are getting more intensive and brutal every day, not only deserving to be condemned, but are also seriously worrying, said Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic. Despite attempts, within her competences, to identify…

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– INITIATIVE for the creation of active employment policy measures aimed exclusively at certain categories of hard-to-employ women, dated 16 July, 2021. – INITIATIVE for amending the Article 179 of the Criminal Code, which prescribes the criminal offense of sexual abuse of persons with disabilities, dated 6 September, 2016. – INITIATIVE for amending the Rulebook…

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