Warning for the public

Day-to-day inappropriate verbal attacks in public and political life, including social networks where attacks and misuse reach its most extreme form, are getting more intensive and brutal every day, not only deserving to be condemned, but are also seriously worrying, said Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic. Despite attempts, within her competences, to identify and warn about impermissible way of communication, which is targeting mainly women, but men are not neither spared, Commissioner says that it is high time to halt such way of communication. Insults, humiliation, misunderstanding, lack of argumentative discussion and increasing amount of hate speech endanger whole social system and send humiliating and wrong picture of the Republic of Serbia. Transmission of vulgar qualifications and adding them importance lead to unnecessary tensions in treating of issues which are very significant for our country.

Commissioner warns that discriminatory and sexist statement and using of word from language margins are adopted too fast, so that boundaries are crossed easily, threatening to become language matrix and acceptable, even desirable, communication pattern. It jeopardizes everything that has been accomplished so far in the area of respecting human rights and non-discrimination. Commissioner says that all actors in public life must be aware of publicly spoken words and that otherwise all appeals and warnings will lose meaning.

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