The Annual Media Awards were awarded

For the seventh year, on November 16, on the International Day of Tolerance, the Annual Media Awards of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality and the OSCE Mission in Serbia were awarded for the best media content on the topic of fighting against discrimination and promoting equality and tolerance.

Awardees in the portal category:

The third prize went to Aleksandar Nestevski for the research approach in his work on the topic of a phenomenon that is insufficiently addressed by the media – “Menstrual poverty – an ignored public health crisis in Serbia and Croatia”, published on the Nova S portal.

The second prize went to Vesna Milić Radosavljević for her professional approach and comprehensive, analytical text “Women employed for a limited period of time – punished for pregnancy and childbirth”, which was published on the Glavne portal.

The first place is equally shared by:

Danica Đokić for the article “Women journalists stand up against violence against other women but remain silent about sexual harassment in newsrooms”, which was published on the Cenzolovka portal.

And Aleksandra Trajković, who also wrote about a problem we have to deal with as a society for the RTS portal – “Our girls are stalked, groped and raped by relatives, neighbors, friends – why do we still turn a blind eye”.

In the press category, only the second and third prizes were awarded: 

The third place went to Bogdan Petrović for the text entitled “It’s not easy to be an LGBT+ teenager” which was published in Optimist magazine.

The second place went to Andrijana Cvetićanin for an article published in the weekly supplement of Politika Magazine, which aimed to inform the public about the work and importance of the library of the Association of the Blind of Serbia.

In the TV/Radio category:

The third prize went to Katarina Tomović for the report “Inaccessible accessibility” about the problems faced by people with motor disabilities, which was broadcast in the production of the FoNet news agency.

The second prize went to Sandra Mandić for the TV reportage “Voice of people without a pension”, which was broadcast as part of the series “Small big stories” on Insider Television.

The first prize went to Rade Ranković for a story dedicated to Bosniaks at FDU and broadcast as part of the series “If we didn’t have – an autobiography about my people” by the Mreža Production Group, broadcast on RTS 2.

The decision on the awards was made by a jury consisting of OSCE representatives in Serbia, Gordana Janković and Ljiljana Breberina, last year’s first prize winners – Petar Paunović, Ivana Predić, and Dragana Savić, as well as Danijela Šegan and Zlatana Maletić from the Office of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality.

Awards were given to journalists by the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, and H.E. Jan Braathu, Head of the OSCE Mission in Serbia.

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