Filing A Complaint

A complaint may be filed by:

  • every natural person, legal entity or a group of persons that deem they were discriminated against,
  • organizations dealing with human rights protection and other persons, on behalf and with approval of the person who has suffered discrimination,
  • in case that a group of persons has suffered discrimination, an association or an organization dealing with human rights protection may file a complaint on behalf of a group of persons whose right has been violated and without consent of individuals comprising such group, if violation relates to undetermined number of persons which are linked by some personal characteristic.
  • on behalf of and with consent of the person whose right has been violated, complaints may be filed also by inspection in accordance with the law governing inspection supervision.

A complaint should be submitted in the written form. It may also be submitted by e-mail, by means of a scanned and signed submission, or orally on the record, without paying any taxes or other fees.

A complaint should contain the following data:

  • discrimination victim – who was discriminated against,
  • discriminator – by whom they were discriminated against,
  • description of the discrimination act,
  • evidence pertaining to the discrimination act that the victim has suffered (documents, witnesses, etc.)

A complaint must be signed.



Complaint  DOCX

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