Announcement for the Public – Informer discriminated LGBT population

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Janković gave opinion in proceeding upon complaint filed by Regional Info Center that act of discrimination against members of LGBT population was committed in article titled „Horrible! Pajtić requests that faggots may adopt children! Shocking turnover of Democratic Party leader“, published on 24 June, 2016 in Informer daily newspaper.

Article’s title and author’s comment: “It is totally clear that accepting of Pajtić’s proposal would mean in practice that faggot couples in Serbia should be allowed to adopt children!” expressed disturbing and deteriorating ideas and attitudes that insult dignity of persons with sexual orientation other than heterosexual, thereby violating provisions of Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination.

It was recommended to Informer daily newspaper to invite representatives of Regional Info Center to a meeting, in order to find out directly about problems that LGBT persons are facing in everyday life, as well as to learn about the influence that article with such content had on them. Informer newspaper was also recommended to not to publish articles that insult dignity of members of LGBT population and support prejudices towards marginalized social groups, but to instead contribute with their articles to change of patterns, customs and practices that support stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination against LGBT persons.

Considering that Informer daily newspaper did not act upon recommendations, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality informs public about that, in accordance with Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination.

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