Commissioner at the conference on gender based violence

For slightly more than a week, two women in Serbia were murdered in partner and domestic violence – first in Negotin and second in Bačka Palanka, while a women and her daughter, who already have been moved to safe house, were severely injured in Bela Crkva -and all these tragic events happened on the street, in front of passers-by, said Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, at the conference „Firearms misuse of and gender based violence“, organized by Public Policy Research Centre.

„Unfortunately, because of these tragic events, I have to appeal at this conference to full implementation of new Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence that was enacted last month. In the same time, it is of crucial importance that all authorities in prevention chain act in efficient and timely manner, since we must not allow having victims because of omissions in the system, stressed Commissioner. She also accented the importance of greater involvement of men in issues related to gender based violence, as well as of integration of gender perspective and problem that we are talking about, in certain aspect of Strategy of Cultural Development of Serbia.

Executive director of the Center, Tanja Jakobi, stressed the importance of weapon misuse deterrence for prevention of murders of women in cases of gender based violence, while Danijela Spasić presented the results of the research. Among other speakers at the conference were also MP Gordana Čomić, assistant to head of Administration for Administrative Affairs of MUP Serbia, Miljko Simović, special advisor for measures of trust and security building in OSCE Mission in Serbia, Vladimir Bilandžić and Dragan Obradović from National Weapon Association of Serbia.

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