Workplace discrimination is bad for employees and employers alike

Workplace discrimination, whether the victim is a man or a woman, can easily lead to its most extreme form – violence, with grave consequences for both the employees and employers, said the Commissioner Brankica Janković at a seminar intended for activists of the Section of Women of United Sector Trade Unions Nezavisnost and representatives of management of sector trade unions.

At an event “Stop workplace violence against men and women”, organized by USTU Nazavisnost in cooperation with pan-European Council of International Trade Union Conference, warned that women are more frequently exposed to workplace discrimination which is confirmed by data included in 2016 Annual Report of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality.

Majority of complaints claiming discrimination last year were filed by women and persons with disabilities, while workplace and employment was the area where discrimination most often occurred. Situation was similar to those in previous years, which is the reason for placing workplace discrimination at the top of our agenda priority list, said the Commissioner and added that the institution of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality in cooperation with the EU had developed a Handbook for Employers containing guidelines for developing anti-discrimination code of conduct.

The Commissioner also stressed that cooperation with trade unions was extremely important so as to use in the best possible way all available mechanisms for the protection of workers against violence, but also against other forms of workplace discrimination.

The campaign “Stop workplace violence against men and women” was launched at this event. In addition, other topics included consequences of workplace discrimination and violence to psychological and physical health of employees as well as overcoming workplace stress.

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