Women in stock exchange business – Commissioner at “Stock Exchange Bell for Gender Equality”

Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic participated in the event “Stock Exchange Bell for Gender Equality”, where she reminded that women were the most exposed during the fight against COVID-19 pandemic and that this may be the right time to “put some things on their place” having in mind that the existing political support, as well as the awareness of the importance of the work performed by women, may be materialized in the sphere of business as well.

– As much as we are sometimes dissatisfied or think that things are changing too slowly, we should remember Draga Ljocic who became the first Serbian doctor only 140 years ago – and today we think of medicine as a predominantly female profession, or that lady from Nis became the first woman who acquired the title of engineer in Germany a little over 100 years ago. These are not just “mere” historical facts, they indicate that women in Serbia have always been fighters, that they have often not lagged behind their contemporaries throughout history, and that they were more persistent and ready in many ways to achieve the set goals. Men find it easier to recognize the flows of money, and thus the processes of power shifting. Stock exchange business is still perceived as a field dominated by men, along with several other occupations. However, I am sure that some brave and determined women are already pioneers of change, as evidenced by the fact that only three years ago, the New York Stock Exchange got its first female president. Things are ever-changing, and I believe in change and the ability and willingness of women. There is a good reason to believe that the percentage of women engaged in stock market business will be higher and that we are getting closer to the moment when we can say that the “bell rang” for ending inequalities – said Commissioner Brankica Jankovic.

The “Stock Exchange Bell for Gender Equality” is organized by the Belgrade Stock Exchange and the Global Response Network of Serbia and is being held for the third time, with the aim to highlight the importance of gender equality, economic growth and sustainable development.

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