Commissioner discussed the position of elderly with representatives of associations of pensioners

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Jankovic, met with the president of the Association of Pensioners of Serbia, Andrej Savic, and the president of the EB of the Third Age Movement, Momcilo Talijan, with whom she discussed the position of senior citizens in Serbia.

Age is one of the most common grounds for filing complaints to our institution, as well as for denying various rights and services, exclusion and marginalization of the elderly, which is why aging is a multiplier of discrimination, said Commissioner. She announced a special report on the position of senior citizens in Serbia, in order to present a comprehensive overview of the situation, the Commissioner’s practice and data from other reports and research to the widest public, and at the same time give recommendations for improving public policies. In this regard, the Association of Pensioners and the organization Third Age are strategic partners of the institution in future activities in the field of protection, improvement of support and services, as well as the overall position of the elderly population in Serbia, Jankovic emphasized.

The leaders of the representative umbrella organizations dealing with the issues of senior citizens of Serbia provided strong support to Commissioner Janković and expressed gratitude for the continuous and intensive work so far on improving the position of the elderly in Serbia, as well as to the institution that truly advocates for a better life for the elderly. Savic and Talijan also pointed to the need to build an inclusive society, and stated that national plans and strategies in a number of areas should have priorities related to aging.

It was jointly concluded that comprehensive and continuous work is needed to promote the culture of aging and quality lifestyles of the elderly.

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