Warning to the public regarding announced demonstrations against migrants

Commissioner for Protection of Equality Ms Brankica Janković warns the public on the announcements from several radical right wing organizations on planned demonstrations against migrants, that the Constitution and the Law forbid incitement of any religious, ethnic and racial hatred and discrimination and that this must not be tolerated by the state.

„Competent authorities must react promptly and in line with regulations and assess whether the values to be promoted on these gatherings would be in line with national Constitution and laws as well as whether these organizations and their activities are to be permited by the Constitution. At the same time, regardless demonstration is reported to the police or not, competent authority must send clear message it will not tolerate extremism and every action contrary to the democratic values will be urgently sanctioned”, noticed the Commissioner.

Commissioner Jankovic emphasizes that intolerance, xenophobia and racism must be broadly condemned by all steakholders in Serbia and not only by individuals. The society and the state must present preparedness to tackle this kind of phenomenons.

Futhermore, the Commissioner draws attention that it must not be allowed to anybody to cast a shadow on the tolerance and solidarity our citizens daily show towards migrants and on everything positive that our society and the state have done for migrants in last several months.

„The largest number of Serbian citizens showed great willingness to help migrants, largely because they themselves understand the misfortune that forced these people to leave their homes,” Commissioner added, and also that she believes this will continue.

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