Warning to the public on the violence against women

Brankica Janković, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, hereby warns the public that the number of women who experienced violence in family and partner relations continues to grow on daily basis in this year too. Yesterday’s example of a woman that was brutaly murdered just because she wanted to divorce her husband so as to end the abuse, humiliation and violence that lasted for many years, illustrates this trend.

Commissioner appeals to all relevant authorities to deliver more efficient protection for the women who experienced gender based violence, in all phases of the protection process. Although the new Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence is still not enacted, the existing legal frame provides basis for a timely action of the authorities.

Disturbing number of victims that suffered gender based violence has to encourage every one of us to daily combat gender stereotypes that put a woman in a subordinate and unequal position.

Commissioner also appeals to the media, to report professionaly about violence in family and partner relations, in accordance with ethical standards, respecting the Codex of journalists in Serbia and bearing in mind their influence and responsibilities, the obligation to respect privacy and dignity of victims, their children and family members and also the prohibition of all kinds of media abuse of the criminal offence.

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