The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, met with the representatives of the A11 Economic and Social Rights Initiative, Danilo Ćurčić and Milica Marinković, with whom she discussed cooperation in preventing and improving the protection of the most discriminated citizens.

Several joint activities have been agreed, including specially created trainings for local self-governments in order to recognize and respond to discrimination and work with vulnerable social groups, especially the poor, marginalized and multiply discriminated, as well as Roma men and women. All of them must be in a special focus of protection and support from the competent state authorities. By analyzing cases from practice, it was jointly concluded that civil society organizations are the most important partner for improving the protection of multiply vulnerable individuals and social groups.

Commissioner Janković talked with the director of the Center for the Rights of the Child, Jasmina Miković, about further activities in the field of promotion and protection of children’s rights. The main findings and recommendations from the Special Report of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality on Discrimination against Children, as well as future cooperation, were also discussed at the meeting.

It was concluded that special attention should be paid to the problems related to the rights and position of children, especially having in mind the consequences of the health crisis in the field of education, support system for children with disabilities and social protection.

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