Results of the competition “Bridge of understanding – intergenerational solidarity”

On the occasion of celebrating October 1, the International Day of Older Persons, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality this year as well, traditionally, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, announced a competition for the best literary work, artwork, and photography on the topic “Bridge of understanding – intergenerational solidarity”. At this year’s award competition, over 300 works were submitted in all categories from several different cities and villages of the Republic of Serbia.

According to the assessment of the expert jury, the artistic expressive potential of children does not diminish year after year. Diversity in creativity, and innovation at the same time, are the hallmarks of the excitement of this year’s competition. The ideas and the individual poetics of realization of the awardees are extremely coordinated and logical, therefore representing a combination of smart use of elements and a reflection of talent. In addition, when it comes to literary works, this year the children pointed out to us the increase in new forms of disenfranchisement of the elderly, which makes this competition even more quality and expedient.

The winners of the competition were announced at a ceremony in the House of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, and the best children’s works were exhibited in the Central Hall. This year’s award competition was organized with the support of the UN Population Fund, and the prizes were provided by friends of the event, UniCredit Bank, and the publishing house “Laguna”.

In the Literary work category, the first prize went to Ana Milojević (“Kosta Abrašević” Elementary School, VII2, Belgrade), the second prize went to Pavao Huska (“Ivan Milutinović” Elementary School, VIc, Subotica), while the third place went to Ilija Hadži-Purić (“Branko Radičević” Elementary School, VI4, Batajnica).

In the Artwork category, the first prize went to Andrej Čvorović, (“Milan Blagojević” Elementary School, VII2, Lučani), the second place went to Milica Nikolić, (“Vuk Karadžić” Elementary School, VI3, Surdulica), and the third to Olga Bojović, (“1300 kaplara” Elementary School, VIII2, Belgrade).

In the Photography category, the first prize went to Sofija Rakić, (“Branko Radičević” Elementary School, VI1, Melnica – Petrovac na Mlavi), the second prize was won by Sara Lukić, (“Nikolaj Velimirović” Elementary School, VIII5, Dobrić – Šabac), while the third place went to Ilija Petrović, (“Ilija Milosavljević Kolarac” Elementary School, VI1, Kolari – Smederevo).

The Commissioner has published a collection of the best children’s works from the “Bridge of Understanding – Intergenerational Solidarity” prize competition, which contains an overview of the awarded works from 2017 to 2022.

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