Public notice – Community Health Centre discriminated at the competition for specialization

The employee from the Health Center of „Vladimirci“ addressed the Commissioner with a complaint on the occasion of the competition for admission to specialize in gynecology. The complainant stated that she was not approved specialization, that the competition was conducted with a lot of irregularities and that in the explanation to her complaint with regard to the results of the competition, the director said that  “she had married in Belgrade” and that it was estimated that after the completion of specialization she would be interested in obtaining a job in Belgrade. The statement noted that the decision was based on the Commission’s proposal and the decision did not state anything that could be considered as discrimination. During the proceedings, it was established that on the basis of the submitted evidence, one could not infer what were the criteria for selection of candidates. As a reason for not approving specialization, the Director of the Health centre stated the fact that the complainant’s husband lived in Belgrade, fearing that this fact would influence her to seek employment in Belgrade upon completion of specialization. Until the end of the proceedings, the community Health Centre „Vladimirci“ did not prove that there were objective reasons for making a decision not to approve specialization to the complainant.


The Commissioner for Protection of Equality has issued an opinion that during selection of candidates to be referred to specialization, i.e. by making a decision to approve specialization in gynecology, Health Centre „Vladimirci“ discriminated the complainant on the grounds of personal traits – the place of residence of her husband.. Therefore, Health Centre „Vladimirci“ was recommended to take all necessary measures aimed at elimination of consequences of discriminatory actions, to attach the opinion and recommendation of the Commissioner for Protection of Equality on the bulletin board or some other visible place on the premises of Health Centre, as well as to take care in the future, when making decision on assignment of specialization, not to violate the provisions of the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination.


Since the community Health Centre „Vladimirci“ did not act on the recommendation, the Commissioner for Protection of Equality, pursuant to the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination, hereby notifies the public accordingly.

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