Project “Improving the position of women and girls from rural areas”

As part of the “Improving the position of women and girls from rural areas” project, a three-day training was held in Ruma for women entrepreneurs from different parts of Serbia, with the aim of their economic empowerment.

During the first day of the training, Commissioner Brankica Janković held a workshop aimed at recognizing discrimination through everyday examples, making the participants more closely informed about the real situations that discriminated people face daily. Within the workshop on communication, the participants had the opportunity to gain new experiences in creating messages to better market their offers. The second training day started with the basics of rural tourism development and the procedure of registering and categorizing facilities to develop eco and rural tourism. The second part of the working day was devoted to the use of Internet tools. As part of the final day, the participants dealt with subsidies and grants within the IPARD funds and had the opportunity to hear good practices and exchange experiences related to market expansion and placement of goods and services.

The project “Improving the position of women and girls from rural areas” is implemented within the initiative “Improving the safety of women in Serbia,” which the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality implements in cooperation with the UN Agency for Gender Equality UN Women, and the support of the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade.

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