Notification to the Public – Perica Đorđević, Smederevo City Conucilor had discriminated Smederevo Mayor on the grounds of gender and age

Brankica Janković, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality has found that Perica Djordjević, Smederevo City Councilor had committed discrimination against Smederevo Mayor Jasna Avramović .

The Commissioner has issued an official opinion stating that Perica Đjorđević had insulted and belittled Smederevo Mayor on the grounds of her personal characteristics, namely gender and age by saying the following during the sessions of Smederevo City Council: “A good thing would be to have A.P. as our mayor, a young and honorable man, instead of a pompous and hysterical old cow”.

The Commissioner stressed that Perica Đorđević had expressed his view of the Mayor through stereotypes and traditional gender roles, through the lenses of gender and age according to which a woman can be referred to, regardless of her professional and career achievements, as “an old cow” or as “being hysterical” if her work and statements collide with another person’s values.

Recommendation was issued to Perica Đorđević urging him to apologize in writing to Jasna Avramović. Bearing in mind the fact that Perica Đorđević has failed to abide by the issued recommendation even following a warning issued to that effect, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality hereby notifies the public thereof pursuant to the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination.

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