No. 1044-21

Dear Mr. Kostić,

The last elections for members of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA) provoked great public attention, due to the importance of this institution in our society, but were also the basis for numerous criticisms due, to the fact that not a single woman was admitted. On that occasion, one candidate addressed the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, expressing dissatisfaction with this outcome.

In this regard, without entering into the criteria for selection of members of SASA, as well as the guaranteed autonomy of this institution, and starting from the prescribed competence of the Commissioner for Protection of Equality from Article 33, item 9, of the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination, we recommend the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts to take appropriate measures to achieve the principle of gender equality during the next membership elections, as well as to make additional efforts to promote women’s scientific and artistic contribution.


Brankica Janković

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