National Training for Living Library Facilitators

The group “Hajde da…” (“Let’s . . .”) in partnership with the Institution of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality and the Council of Europe Office in Belgrade will organize a national training session for Living Library facilitators 12 – 14 June in Belgrade.
The aim of this training session is to empower new generation of Living Library facilitators in Serbia who will join an existing network established back in 2012. A network of this kind should ensure quality and cooperation between civil society organizations in Serbia and institutions involved in this project as well as a greater impact on local communities. The training will enable future facilitators to better implement the Living Library project activities and adhere to the principles and values which are the backbone of this project, namely: human rights, respect for differences and intercultural dialogue.
Following the completion of training, participants will be awarded certificates enabling them to apply for support and funds for the implementation of Living Library project activities in Serbia.
The project is implemented in cooperation with the Office for Human and Minority Rights and with the support of the Human Rights and Democracy House.

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