Meeting of Prime Minister and Commissioner

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić met with Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković.

Prime Minister and Commissioner discussed the activities for achievement of full equality for all our citizens, primarily aimed to improve equal conditions and opportunities for all in the process of employment and at the labor market, with particular attention to most endangered groups such are persons with disabilities, young, pregnant women and new mothers, people older than 50 and other vulnerable groups in our society.

In addition to the announced improvement of the pensioners position through changes in regulations related to early retirement, Prime Minister Vučić, also announced a stricter inspection of legal obligations related to the accessibility of public buildings and areas, including all obstacles faced by persons with disabilities, especially children, confirming that there is a need for rapid activities toward their smooth and full inclusion in the education system.

Commissioner Janković thanked Prime Minster for supporting institutions work on combating discrimination and importance of acting upon recommendation issued by Commissioner for the Protection of Equality.

One of the topics at the meeting was strengthening of regional cooperation with regional institutions and bodies through activities conducted by Commissioner for the Protection of Equality.

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