International Day of Persons with Disabilities Statement

On the occasion of the 3rd of December, International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Commissioner Janković pointed out that women with disabilities are exposed to discrimination in all spheres of public and private life, facing barriers in education, health and social care and are poorer and less employed than men with disabilities.

Commissioner stated that relevant surveys and communication with civil society organizations revealed that this subject has not been addressed sufficiently, thus a conference was organized aimed at suppressing discrimination of women and girls with disabilities and improving their position in all aspects of social life.

Commissioner Janković stated that disability based discrimination is the third most common reason for complaints filed with the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, but that men with disabilities tend to file complaints with the institution more often than women with disabilities, who therefore need to be encouraged to ask for protection against discrimination.

Although the legal framework is satisfactory, the position of women and girls with disabilities needs to be strengthened and improved. In times when economic recovery is the top priority of both the government and the society, we need to keep in mind that a significant number of our fellow citizens need further support in order to become a part of inclusive social and economic processes, concluded Commissioner Janković.

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