Equally towards the goal – start in the family

I believe that the rule of “fair play”, as in sports, should and can apply in family, business, and all social relations, said the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, at the beginning of the campaign “Equally towards the goal”, which was held for the jubilar tenth time within the 35th Belgrade Marathon. With the action “Equally towards the goal ” organized by the Commissioner together with the Sports Association of Persons with Disabilities, the Commissioner and employees of the institution supported persons with disabilities in sports, this year as well.

Since the marathon was held on the International Day of Families, the Commissioner also pointed out the importance of the family as a community where the first lessons about equality, tolerance, and the harmful effects of discrimination and prejudice are learned, which is why the slogan of this year’s action is “Equally towards the goal – start in the family”.

Citizens, who joined the action, in a conversation with the contestants, had the opportunity to learn more about the obstacles they face, and, through a special quiz and a conversation with the Commissioner, to find out more information about discrimination and ways to recognize and report it.

Among the participants of the “Equally towards the goal” action, this year were fencers from the club “Silni” and women from the Serbian fencing team, athletes, members of the board of the World Association of Marathons and Street Races, representatives of the diplomatic corps, the non-governmental sector, and public figures.

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