Commissioner for Protection of Equality in cooperation with representatives of UN WOMEN has organized a one-day creative workshop for members of the Youth Panel, whith aim to provide specific knowledge to panelists on the rights of women from villages and to create ways in which young people can help improve their position.

“Our goal is to provide, through your creativity, a new perspective on the position of women in the countryside. Your main advantage is that you always think about what can be done, not what it can not be done. I will just say that when designing a sticker, think about what is troubling the women in the village and don’t think about them exclusively as women who are engaged in agriculture, “emphasized Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic.

Experts working for UN WOMEN gave young panelists lectures on gender equality, the position of women in the countryside, communication skills and the use of new technologies in the promotion of equality.

The work in this creative workshop is a condition for the participation of young panelists in the competition for the creation of a sticker called “By Viber to a Better Position of Women in Villages”, which is organized towards 15 October, The International Day of Rural Women.

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