Corporate social responsibility – investing in future

Every person has the right to safe, healthy and ecologically preserved environment, which requires general consensus because of our obligation to future generations, said Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic at the conference „Leaders of Social Responsibility“, which was organized by Color Media Communications for the fifth year in a row.

In order to achieve sustainable development goals, stressed she, it is necessary to dedicate special attention to decrease poverty and social exclusion and that achieving of sustainable development goals implies the partnership between the state, private sector, civil society and citizens. It’s a common mission with aim to provide better environment for the future generation, in which young people will one day become leaders in creating and transferring of good practices. Commissioner Jankovic said that irresponsible attitude towards environment means discrimination of youth, stating that new generations have the right to live in healthy environment in which they can develop and accomplish their potentials. It is encouraging that the voice of young people is becoming louder and accepted in the creation of contemporary policies in Europe and that these young people are calling to reforms with goal to actively preserve climate, while supporting development of new technologies in the same time, not forgetting the importance of the respect for equality, said Commissioner.

At this year’s conference also spoke Goran Trivan, Minister for Environmental Protection and world and national leaders of global sustainability, while special accent was put to circular (green) economy as the only real way for survival of the planet.

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