Commissioner’s reaction to the insults on grounds of nationality

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, condemns the insulting comments made by the director of JP Stara Planina, Goran Karadžić, against Neim Leo Beširi on TV Pink.

The law prohibits any expression of discriminatory attitudes on grounds of any actual or presumed protected characteristics, including the nationality or ethnic origin, the Commissioner said. Criticisms, different attitudes and opinions are desirable and useful, but they cannot be expressed by insulting and inciting intolerance towards any individual, due to its nationality.

It is good that the host of TV Pink reacted to the insults uttered in the program, warning the interlocutor on this occasion, because it is the obligation of all media to respect professional and ethical standards of public information, as well as the laws and the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, concludes Commissioner Janković, adding that state bodies have duty to act in accordance with their competencies.

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