Commissioner on the importance of a culture of dialogue

Dialogue is the most important segment of political culture, whose level of development is measured by the quality of dialogue, said the Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Janković at the thematic social dialogue “Culture of Dialogue – Civil Society and Media”.

The quality of dialogue implies the purpose of the conversation, the relevance of the interlocutors and their relationship in the dialogue. Although things are improving, real dialogues are still rare, Commissioner said. She pointed out that we have bad dialogues on our public scene, especially in the media, such are the ones where there is a need to humiliate, insult and discriminate the interlocutor. Actors often forget that dialogue is not a war, nor a story for the sake of a story. There are rules and criteria, mostly in the field of ethics. It is important to listen, to hear fully, what the other is proposing, because often the solution lies in the meeting of two attitudes. An important element of the dialogue is tolerance and respect for the interlocutor who should be protected and respected. Only truly equal interlocutors have a chance to understand each other, concluded Commissioner Janković.

Numerous participants, representatives of the state, embassies, international organizations and the civil sector, spoke in the dialogue organized by the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue in cooperation with the Balkan Fund for Democracy and the BFPE Foundation for Responsible Society.

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