Commissioner visited Safe House of City of Sombor

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Janković visited Safe House of City of Sombor and was introduced, through conversation with the expert team, to most common problems of service users and activities of this institution.

Safe houses are not final solution of the problem, but they are one of the links in complex protection system.  Removal of violent family member from the home should be the most frequently implemented measure, as it is foreseen in the new Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence. Safe houses should exist as a service within urgent protection measures, but also should be a place where women in risk of violence, but also women who managed to get out of this vicious circle, can get advices and complete support, said Commissioner and stressed that Safe House in Sombor present an example of good practice, because of programs that are being implemented.

Commissioner added that it is necessary to increase security culture level of all people employed in protection system through adequate education programs, but also to improve security of buildings where citizens practice their rights or use public services.

Manager of the Safe House of City of Sombor Tamara Savović presented new activities that, apart from intervention crisis center, advisory and urgent phone line, are related to economy empowering of women.

Sanida Klarić from social company „Bio Idea“ presented a program of economy empowering of women through employment in manufacturing of personal and premises hygiene products.

Economy empowering of women is one of the most important challenges of our society, because poverty is the main reason that prevents women from starting a new life, without discrimination and violence.

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