Commissioner: Strong support for the development of a gender-competent approach in legal education

Law has a decisive influence on relations in society and is the basis of the communities in which we live. Law essentially determines the position of women, and in order for this position to be one of equality and full protection, it is important that the creation, application, and interpretation of law be gender-sensitive, said Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Janković at the conference “Feminist Heritage in Legal Theory and Practice”, organized by the Faculty of Law in Belgrade within the LAWGEM project.

Developing a gender-competent approach in legal education is essential for achieving, protecting, and promoting gender equality in the entire society. European law faculties within the LAWGEM project, of which the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law is a part, contribute significantly to this, by working on the development of gender studies and the gender perspective of law, the Commissioner stated.

Janković pointed out that the institution of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality is also on the same task, but in practice. An important instrument of the Institution are strategic lawsuits for protection against discrimination, which the Commissioner initiates and conducts in the public interest. This legal possibility enabled the tackling of many major issues, but it is also very important from the aspect of creating legal practice, because the decisions passed in those cases are a barrier to future potential discriminatory actions, behaviors, or practices. Only in that way, and combined,  theory and practice can change the reality and lead to a fairer and more humane society, said Janković.

The Faculty of Law in Belgrade is the coordinator of the European project LAWGEM (Erasmus+ project “New Quality in Education for Gender Equality”), while the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, together with the Orebo University from Sweden, the Saarlandes University from Germany, Lumsa from Italy, and Cadiz University from Spain, is one of the project partners.

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