Commissioner participated in mentor walk within “Share Your Knowledge” program

Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic stressed that support to growing of successful women and strengthening of their position and economy independence is necessary in a society which tends to become European and that mechanism of mentoring support gives excellent results with small investments.

Welcoming the realization of program “Share Your Knowledge – Become a Mentoring Woman”, implemented in partnership of European Movement in Serbia, Embassy of the United States of America and OSCE Mission in Serbia, Jankovic emphasized its uniqueness, because it opens possibilities for personal and professional development of women, through sharing of knowledge and experiences, strengthening of solidarity, promotion of good role models and networking.

Commissioner reminded that economy empowering of women is decisively important for creating society of equal development opportunities in all areas of life, having in mind that women in Serbia have more difficulties to find an employment and often have lower salaries than men for the same job, are more exposed to discrimination and dismissals.

Mentor women, mentorinas and their guests took a walk through central city streets with aim to draw attention to female solidarity and significance of mentorship for empowering women.

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