The latest murder in Vršac, in which a father killed his two-year-old daughter, is one of the most shocking cases in the long history of domestic violence, which points out in the cruelest manner the problem we are facing, said the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković. She emphasized that we have reached the point where a “red alarm” warns that it is high time for all authorities in the system to react urgently.

Bearing in mind that, according to the media, the girl’s mother initiated legal mechanisms for protection but that the abusive husband killed the child, it is necessary to analyze the case in detail and raise the issue of concrete responsibility. This is not the first case with a fatal outcome, which is why we all have to ask ourselves what is not functioning and what we as a society must do to improve the situation, to encourage women to report violence and abusers and be sure that they will be protected.

In her annual reports, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality regularly points out the need to strengthen the capacities of all competent services, especially in the area of ​​social and family legal protection, so that they can adequately provide support and assistance, especially to those who are at risk of violence and/or suffered some form of violence.

Janković also appeals to the media to refrain from a sensationalist approach and relativization of the problem in this and all domestic violence cases, as well as to respect professional and ethical standards in reporting.


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