Commissioner for the Protection of Equality submitted the regular report for 2022 to the National Assembly of Serbia

The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality submitted to the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia the thirteenth regular annual report in the field of protection of equality for 2022.

The largest number of citizen complaints in 2022 related to discrimination based on nationality, age, health condition, disability, gender, marital and family status. Among complaints based on nationality, the largest number was filed due to discrimination against the Roma national minority (87.7%), which indicates the prevailing attitudes, social distance, stereotypes and prejudices faced by Roma men and women.

When it comes to areas, most complaints were filed due to discrimination in procedures before public authorities, as well as employment procedures or at work. Compared to previous years, the number of complaints due to discriminatory speech in the public (at sports and other events or by public figures), on social networks and in the media has also increased.

During the year, the Commissioner was approached by 3,300 citizens who expected help and support in exercising various rights and services, and a procedure was conducted in 1,879 cases. The Commissioner made a total of 412 recommendations for measures to achieve equality and protection against discrimination. The recommendations were acted upon in 88,4% of cases, which is a continuation of the trend of acting on recommendations from previous years.

In addition to the regular annual report, in 2022 the Commissioner prepared a Report on Monitoring the Implementation of the National Action Plan for the Implementation of Resolution 1325 of the United Nations Security Council – Women, Peace and Security in the Republic of Serbia (2017-2020), and a regular annual Analysis of Participation of Women in Public and Political Life was also prepared.

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