Commissioner at the Conference on Mira Trailovic as the Inspiration for All Women in Serbia

It is not enough to work only on economic empowerment of women, spiritual empowerment is also needed, said Commissioner for the Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic at the conference “The role of women in Serbian society, inspired by life of Mira Trailovic”, organized by the US Embassy on the occasion of 8 March.

Financial independence of woman doesn’t mean much if she is still a house slave of stereotypes about gender roles. It is possible to discuss through art and theatre the serious social issues in one society and also to initiate wider debate aimed to desperately needed changes. “If there is only one woman who will realize, while watching a play, that she is not alone and that she is not guilty for the injustice she is suffering and if she conclude that the society is aware of the problem and that there is a way out – it is already a step towards the solution”, said Commissioner.

If we had more women such was Mira Trailovic, the awareness changes would be much faster, but I strongly believe that there are many among us who are ready to do things in her way, like when she brought the world to Belgrade and moved boundaries, said Jankovic.

US Ambassador in Serbia Kyle Scott opened a debate, while among other speakers were also actress Svetlana Bojkovic, Sonja Popovic Pantic from the Association of Business Women in Serbia and Marija Savic from association ATINA.

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