The Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Brankica Janković, participated in the international conference “Effective Inclusion of LGBTIQ Persons” within the Belgrade Pride Week, organized by Civil Rights Defenders and Belgrade Pride.

Addressing the participants, Janković emphasized that there is progress and that the Commissioner continuously supports all efforts within its competences to combat discrimination and improve the position of the LGBTIQ population in Serbia, which continues to face discrimination in the workplace, before public authorities as well as in the field of health care.

The Commissioner stated that, after receiving a complaint and finding discriminatory treatment in one local self-government unit, a recommendation was issued to the city and municipal administrations to bear in mind that persons with a certificate attesting to hormone therapy have the right to a change in gender designation, as well as to enable the change of personal name aimed at harmonizing the person’s gender/sex identity without imposing additional conditions and restrictions. “These are small but important things, because the essence of progress is reflected in breaking down of obstacles that prevent our LGBTIQ citizens from being equal members of our society,” Janković emphasized.

Finally, she pointed out that the Euro Pride 2022, hosted by Belgrade, will be an opportunity to promote European values ​​and a respect for diversity, not only in the capital, but also throughout Serbia.

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